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  Company Name   EmTech Co., Ltd.
  Date of Foundation   June 10, 1977
  Factory and Head Office   (Zip code 711-891) 188, Dalseong 2cha dong 1ro, Guji-myeon,
  Dalseong-gun, Daegu, KOREA
  China Branch Office   http://www.emtech-china.com
   JUN 1977   Founded ¡°KumYang Chemical Company¡±
  Development of Water Repellent
  1978   Developed water repellent agent for paperboard
  1982   Development of Defoamer for Papermaking process
  1985   Development of Silicone Defoamer
  1998   Development of Fatty Alcohol Emulsion Antifoam agent for Papermaking
  2000   Changed the name of company to ¡®EmTech Co., Ltd.¡¯
  2003   Export Foam Control Agent to China & Indonesia Papermakers
  2005   Acquired ISO 9001 / 14001
  2008   Move and Expand Headquarter and Factory
  2012   DEC 2012 Export USD 3.0mil Accomplished
  2013   OCT 2013 Found ¡°R&D Center¡±